Genetic Diseases can be Controlled with Environmental Factors


Science has led us to believe that if our parents pass on to us a bad set of genes, then there is nothing we can do to stop the expression of such genetic diseases. But there is hope, within the last several years a new idea has emerged with the latest genetic research: epigenetics. The epigenetic theory explains why identical twins (given the same set of genes) will individually manifest different aspects of these genes.

Your genes essentially contain “switches” that can be turned on or off. The prominent environmental factor affecting these genetic “switches” is bodily stress. Common stressors includes dietary stressemotional stress, and structural stress. In other words, when your body experiences too much of the wrong type of stress, your genetic diseases may become active. And when you are healthy and limit your bodily stresses, then you can turn off your potential manifestation of gene-related illnesses.

Chemicals affecting dietary stress include: sugar, food additives (preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers), allergies, medications, pesticides, cosmetics, plastics, and other household chemicals (the list of toxic chemicals is endless).

Emotional stresses
 include: driving in traffic, quarrels with friends/family/co-workers, depression/anxiety, etc. Massage, exercise, and recreational activities are meant to combat these mental stresses.

Structural stresses involve a mechanical problem with your joints. Your joints may not be positioned in a sound mechanical position, or your joints may be locked and restricted due to adhesions or scar tissue. Chiropractic is the answer to structural stress.


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